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Nutrition and Diet

For each nutritional client, we take a comprehensive approach that involves historical analysis of weight, medication and supplement intake, exercise and other past and present environmental factors to develop a thorough diet and lifestyle roadmap. Geri takes a functional medicine approach by considering all lifestyle factors. Medical nutritional therapy requires an initial 90 minute appointment where a thorough medical-nutritional history is taken. You will be asked to bring a 3-day food record (from the time you wake until bed, including midnight snacks!), information about relevant recent lab work, and your supplement and medications history. In addition, Geri will collaborate and consult with your physician or specialists in all areas to ensure that your overall health is improved, not merely your diet. Though each individual is truly unique, the following is a sample of the issues Geri has helped patients cope with or conquer over the years.

Allergies, Intolerances and Sensitivities

Our bodies' reactions to food, the environment, medication, and combined factors create increasing food sensitivity, especially for those suffering from chronic disease and for special needs children. Whether a true allergy or slight intolerance, constant or seasonal, Geri can help you understand the ways that your body interacts with food and the environment to develop strategies to increase not only your comfort, but your overall health. Certain individuals may respond to allergy elimination techniques in combination with nutritional counseling.

Autism Spectrum and Neurological Disorders

Geri has worked with countless individuals to cope with autism spectrum disorder (“ASD”) and other neurological or immunological disorders through a nutritional approach. Her well-known presentations, such as “A Nutritional Approach to Autism Spectrum Disorder” and expertise with the biofilm protocol and gut health ensure that every option is considered before finding the right one for you or your child. As ASD and related childhood issues have, unfortunately, become so prominent in our society, Geri will help you make sense of the flood of often conflicting information available. Potential clients may wish to listen to Geri’s online radio show, which has been online since 2006 on Autism One Radio.

Obesity, Diabetes and Weight-Related Issues

Lifestyle choices, genetics and stress are among the many factors which might lead to these issues. Often, individuals struggle with weight gain or loss in preparation for or after surgery, or in response to new medication. Whatever the cause, Geri takes an individualized approach to assure you success.

Geri also works with individuals who are preparing for bariatric surgery as many must lose weight and work with a Registered Dietitian or Licensed Nutritionist for 6 months prior to their surgical date. While whole foods are always recommended and preferred, for some, the challenges of food preparation while preparing for surgery is too great and the TSFL program can be enlisted to help ensure weight loss goals. Please see below.

Health Coaching

Health coaching is about giving people the information they need to make informed decisions about to lead healthful lives (JADA June 2006). Geri has been providing this service to her clients throughout her clinical career. Always her goal, to empower her clients with the information they need to understand the value of their lifestyle and food choices in managing their health and wellbeing.

Pregnancy, Detoxification, and Female Health

Before or after pregnancy, before or after menopause, or just to stay healthy, Geri’s encyclopedic knowledge of food, hormones, supplements, medications and their interactions in women of all ages will help you make the right choices and feel terrific at any stage of life.

Pediatric and Adolescent Nutrition

Having worked with thousands of children over the years in private practice or consulting with long term care and residential facilities and schools, Geri is aware of the comprehensive challenges facing children and their caretakers. In addition to guiding parents and teachers through this often difficult process, Geri is able to collaborate with each child’s physicians or therapists to ensure proper implementation of her custom protocols. Whether a temporary or chronic issue, food avoidance, behavioral modification program, allergy or food intolerance issue, or other metabolic disorder, Geri can help.

Phone Consultation and Coaching

If you do not live in the New York City area or can't make it to Geri's office, she is available for phone consultations. Geri can also coach you through other programs available on the market or help you choose the right one.

Meal Planning and Family Care

Geri has worked with chefs, schools and individuals to develop custom meal plans and menus. Often, this is done in conjunction with nutritional counseling.

Please note that we cannot and do not guarantee specific results or outcomes.