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Besides washing my hands, what can I do to protect against the coronavirus?

March 8, 2020

Q. Besides washing my hands, what can I do to protect against the coronavirus?A. As the coronavirus spreads around the globe, and most recent reports have indicated cases right here in Westchester County, we all need to ensure we are taking the proper precautions to protect ourselves, our families and the community.5 TIPS TO PROTECT YOURSELF AGAINST THE CORONAVIRUS1. Protect yourself by... Read More

Q&A Thursday with Geri Brewster: I have a family history of cancer, is there anything I can do to prevent it?

February 2020

Q. I have a family history of cancer, is there anything I can do to prevent it? A. Often in my practice, patients ask me about cancer prevention. They believe cancer is genetic, and while there may be a genetic predisposition to certain cancers, diet is what ultimately regulates and either turns off or turns on that gene expression. And, dietary factors can either prevent or enhance... Read More

What’s the Skinny on Fat?

October 2012

There are many people that remain under the impression that dietary fat is bad for you. It can be confusing to know how much fat to eat and what kinds are healthy. Our bodies need fat for a number of fundamental health reasons and a century ago relied on fat during seasonal times of leaner intake as a primary fuel source. That is not the way it goes today in the land of plenty. However all... Read More

Foods Vitamins and Minerals to Help Keep Your Kids Healthy

October 2012

Well the kids are back at school and the air is getting crisp. Children are washing their hands at school before lunch using their hand sanitizers between classes coughing into their sleeves covering their noses and mouths when they sneeze and not sharing water bottles – all good and necessary. Parents are emphasizing enough sleep (the recommended amount of sleep for children younger than age 5... Read More

Food Addictions

October 2012

There was an interesting story on 60 Minutes a couple Sunday’s ago on the food flavoring industry. You may remember the episode. It was the one with Angelina Jolie. Ok now you are  probably nodding your head saying oh yeah I saw that one. Anyway....what interested me about this episode was the segment where Morley Safer interviewed Givaudan a Swiss corporation that creates designer flavors for... Read More

Keeping the Weight Loss Ball Rolling

October 2012

I'm sure some of you added weight loss to last month's resolution list. Since the initial gusto tends to wane a bit the farther we get from the New Year toast I thought I'd give you a couple tips to help re-invigorate your weight loss momentum. The following tips will help you reach your weight loss goal in a healthy way.Tip 1: Eat a protein-rich breakfastEating breakfast is key to everyone not... Read More

Non-Nurturing Nuggets

October 2012

About a month ago I was listening to the radio and heard a news story about a 17 year old British girl who was rushed to the hospital after collapsing from breathing problems. While at the hospital doctors learned that this girl had been eating a daily dose of Chicken McNuggets since she was two years old. No fruits or veggies or any other food item. This steady diet of McNuggets left her with... Read More

Gut Health and Summer Travel

August 2012

Many clients ask me about protecting their gut health while traveling to various destinations throughout the world especially as vacations abound this time of year. Below are a few important considerations for your travel bag. Saccharomyces boulardii a beneficial yeast which has been demonstrated to reduce travelers' diarrhea. A natural broad spectrum antimicrobial to help support the gut's... Read More

Introducing Somavance

May 2012

Most of you know that one of my areas of clinical expertise and interest is pediatrics and pediatric developmental disabilities. It is very difficult to provide nutritional care services to a child without extending support to the parents and families as a whole. While I am honored and humbled to be considered a part of your village and guide you in your nutritional care I have longed for the... Read More

3 More Years

March 2012

Nearly 10 years ago when my mother passed at the age of 76 my father then 77 said as he stood by her grave “I’ll be next. Maybe God will give me 3 years. He continued Maybe I’ll make 80 then I’ll join my bride.” I felt he wanted just 3 years to relax and recover from over 40 years of her struggle with MS a struggle they shared together.  For anyone who knows chronic progressive disease nothing... Read More

Revisiting Over-The-Counter Diet Pills

January 2012

I recently came across a video clip of a CBS Early Show episode I participated in a few years ago about the over-the-counter (OTC) diet pill Alli a branded version of the prescription drug Xenical (Orlistat).  (see below)  Since weight loss makes its way to many new year’s resolution lists I thought this would be a good time to revisit the topic.To give you a little background in 2007 the FDA... Read More

Supplements and the Media

December 2011

sup·ple·ment noun 1. something added to complete a thing supply a deficiency or reinforce or extend a whole. I've been meaning to write a note about the sensationalized story that made the rounds recently about the dangers of supplements for women.  As if war revolution economic malaise debt crises and the like weren’t enough...the popular media decided to provide more of what we don’t need:... Read More

Thanksgiving - An Easy and Healthy Way (Recipe and Tips)

November 2011

This Thanksgiving I offer you a few meal planning tips and my one-pan turkey & stuffing recipe.  We all need to reduce calories carbs and fats without sacrificing too much if anything in the taste department.  Here are a few tips to assist in meal planning:Swap out your mashed potatoes for mashed turnips.  If your family enjoys mashed potatoes sweet potatoes and stuffing that means there... Read More

5 Ways to Win Against Winter

November 2011

For those of us in the Northeast the Fall winds (or last weekend’s snow!) can only lead to one place....leafless trees cold and snow. However a few simple tips can help your body prepare for the season and remain strong during this time of year.Avoid refined sugar...  Although a warm oven baking homemade chocolate chip cookies is a welcoming thought shelving the sweet tooth for the winter... Read More

A Brief Note About Autism and Special Diets

October 2011

Dietary interventions are a common complimentary treatment strategy for autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Anecdotal evidence and case studies indicate that special diets have benefited individuals with autism. For example according to Autism Research Institute’s (ARI) ratings gathered from 3593 parents almost seven out of ten parents (69%) indicated that a Gluten-Free/Casein-Free (GF/CF) diet... Read More

Why A Lipid Profile Might Be Important for You

September 2011

One would think that health statistics would be more favorable given the amount of blood tests doctors use to monitor your health status. Yet according to the National Cholesterol Education Program’s ATP III report 50% of individuals at risk for cardiovascular disease are not identified. In addition the same report indicated that 50% of heart attack victims have normal cholesterol. Where’s the... Read More

Taming Metabolic Syndrome

August 2011

Over the years I have seen many health improvements from dietary changes and the inclusion of individually tailored supplement programs. A recent study confirmed the benefits of a Mediterranean-style diet with and without the addition of a medical food on women with metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome involves many problematic abnormalities including abdominal obesity elevated plasma... Read More

Vitamin D Facts Studies and Tips

August 2011

I was recently dismayed by the reaction an allopathic physician had with a family member regarding vitamin D use. He explained to the practitioner that he had been taking Vitamin D as well as Vitamin C since experiencing a fever and sore throat but since it was persisting he was concerned it was bacterial. The doctor with eyes rolling explained that vitamin D is an unlikely hero against colds... Read More

Let's Move! Healthy Kids Healthy Families

July 2011

First Lady and advocate for childhood health and wellness Michelle Obama introduced the Let’s Move! program to eliminate childhood obesity and address the declining health of our children a concern shared by major health and childcare organizations. For example children are now three times more likely to be obese than they were 30 years ago which inevitably will lead to more health problems... Read More

A Bit About Sustainable Agriculture

April 2011

Sustainable agriculture refers to foods that are farmed and produced in such a way that is healthy for consumers and animals does not harm the environment is humane for workers respects animals provides a fair wage to the farmer and supports and enhances rural communities. It’s more than just organic. One of the many good reasons to buy sustainable foods is that they are more fresh more... Read More

Drying your garden herbs

April 2011

This summer like most I had a very simple garden. Just enough to remind me that it was summer: tomatoes peppers eggplant parsley oregano and basil. The marinara sauce eggplant parmigiana and pesto inspired by the garden were delicious. As always there was a bumper crop of basil which is a great addition to pasta sandwiches and more. I made my pesto with walnuts this summer at the suggestion of... Read More

Food and Mood

April 2011

I recently had the pleasure of discussing the ways that food influences children’s behavior and how to keep your child’s immune system strong at Beth Israel Hospital on September 30 (presentation below) and presented by the NY Metro Chapter of the National Autism Association. So much of our mental and physical health is influenced by what we consume and diet is at the cornerstone of therapy and... Read More

Fat is good for you. Confused yet?

April 2011

Many healthcare practitioners will warn you to watch your cholesterol during the holidays. True there are a lot of high cholesterol foods out there…butter cookies creams custards giblets cheeses dips sauces gravies and fried foods and snacks. I recently attended the Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo in Boston where The Great Fat Debate took place. Renowned medical professionals Walter... Read More

Where's the nugget on a chicken?

April 2011

Since 2005 the government has recommended 5-13 servings of fruits and vegetables per day because of overwhelming evidence that phytonutrients prevent disease. A recent AARP survey found in adults over 50 per state not more than 17 percent reported compliance with the minimum (2+ fruits 3+ vegetables). Any wonder why we are a fat sick nation? As I’ve always said – back to basics. Clean... Read More

Easy to Wrap Gift Ideas

April 2011

Convenient individually wrapped daily supplement packets provide essential vitamins minerals and Omega-3's on-the-go. Plus the box makes gift wrapping easy! Give the gift of health to someone you love with a nutritional supplement regimen to optimize their well-being. Please contact us at 914-864-1976 or email us at scheduling -at- to arrange for pick-up or shipping. ... Read More

Diet Genetics and Your Immune System

April 2011

A new study by scientists at the University of Massachusetts Medical School and the University of Texas at Austin You Are What Your Father Eats explores the influence of adult diets on genetic expression in future generations.Epigenetics is the study of the chemical reactions that turn genes on or off and the factors that influence this activity. The study’s main conclusions provide support for... Read More

3 Big Diet Mistakes

April 2011

Eating very low fat meals or too little.While eating less fat or total food may seem an obvious way to lose weight it’s not so simple. There are healthy fats which combine with protein and complex carbs at a meal or snack can help stabilize blood sugar throughout the day thereby decreasing cravings… in an effort to eat low fat one can wind up with a diet made up of mostly refined carbo’s which... Read More

Of Pyramids Colors and National Nutrition Month

April 2011

March is National Nutrition Month. This year’s theme is “eat right with color.” The American Dietetic Association web site offers a quick color guide in addition to some other fun resources such as “Food Sudoku” for kids. I’ve been spending more time exploring the many government and non-profit data sets and web sites and began to consider how the USDA has started to bring the famous... Read More