Keeping The Weight Loss Ball Rolling

October 2012

I'm sure some of you added weight loss to last month's resolution list. Since the initial gusto tends to wane a bit the farther we get from the New Year toast I thought I'd give you a couple tips to help re-invigorate your weight loss momentum. The following tips will help you reach your weight loss goal in a healthy way.

Tip 1: Eat a protein-rich breakfast

Eating breakfast is key to everyone not just dieters. It wakes up your digestive system provides needed post slumber fuel and sets the stage for daily blood sugar and energy levels. When people skip breakfast it is hard to successfully manage a weight control diet as larger meals and high calorie snacks later tend to make up for the missed morning-time meal. In addition by missing breakfast one is opening the door to cravings and low energy levels later in the day. Not only is eating breakfast important but what you eat for breakfast is key too. An oldie but goodie study published in 1999 in the Journal of Pediatrics examined the effect of eating low mid and high glycemix index foods in twelve obese teenage boys. The researchers found that a high glycemic index breakfast - instant oatmeal - lead to increased hunger and greater food intake later in the day than a low glycemic index breakfast - vegetable omelet and fruit. So as you plan your weight shedding program be sure to include protein rich foods combined with complex carbs within an hour of waking.

Tip 2: Eat small dinners 3 hours before bedtime

Even if total caloric intake for the day is appropriate distributing the bulk of it at the end of the day can raise triglycerides stimulate excess insulin production and promote fat storage. In addition eating big meals close to bedtime can contribute to GERD and sleep apnea. Aim for a large breakfast and lunch and a light dinner. If you find that you indulge in late night snacking try to cut back if you can’t cut it out. For example if you would normally have 1 glass of fat free milk and 2 cookies before bed try cutting yourself down to just 4 oz. of milk to save 200 calories a day which translates to losing about one pound a month without much effort (all other factors stable).

Tip 3: Embrace flavored seltzers* if you love soda

There really isn’t anything good to say about regular or diet sodas. Sugar sweetened sodas are linked to weight gain elevated blood pressure and diabetes. Diet sodas fair no better as they are linked to metabolic syndrome weight gain and contribute to your toxic load. Although water is the only beverage you need if you have trouble giving up soda try switching to flavored seltzers. You can also create your own by adding a splash of your favorite 100% fruit juice or including a couple squeezes of fresh lemon orange or lime adding unflavored seltzer.

*The flavored seltzers I am referring to are the ones with the flavor of fruit essence not artificial sweeteners such as Splenda and the like.

Tip 4: Partner-up

It may be easier for you to complete your weight loss goals by partnering with someone. Having a friend roommate spouse boyfriend or girlfriend around to offer support and encouragement may help you sustain your healthy eating goals. In addition if you live with your dieting partner the amount of food temptations in the house will be lessened.

Tip 5: Sometimes supplements can help with your weight management goals.

Some of these supplements are on sale so as not to slim down your wallet as well as your waist. If you have any questions regarding which may work best for you call my office.