Food And Mood

April 2011

I recently had the pleasure of discussing the ways that food influences children’s behavior and how to keep your child’s immune system strong at Beth Israel Hospital on September 30 (presentation below) and presented by the NY Metro Chapter of the National Autism Association. So much of our mental and physical health is influenced by what we consume and diet is at the cornerstone of therapy and treatment for most chronic disease. Often we ignore this simple fact because we disconnect and want a quick fix for the ill with a pill. Let’s remember often the cure is in the cupboard.

On a broader note that comment reminds me of a recent article in the New York Times by Dr. Pauline Chen discussing the ways that patients often assume their doctors are nutrition experts and seek diet advice from them. And how when she first started her medical practice she found most of the questions she was asked pertained to diet and nutrition. Read the article here. I do not expect the docs to become nutritionists… I believe they already have their hands full. But I found the educational changes and growing awareness discussed in the article to be encouraging. I’m also encouraged by the inspiring efforts of so many patients who take initiative in their health matters by attending events researching advocating and walking with their health care providers towards positive outcomes. The Beth Israel event was well attended by both practitioners and parents. You can view my presentation below (requires Adobe Flash player):