Easy To Wrap Gift Ideas

April 2011

Convenient individually wrapped daily supplement packets provide essential vitamins minerals and Omega-3's on-the-go. Plus the box makes gift wrapping easy! Give the gift of health to someone you love with a nutritional supplement regimen to optimize their well-being. Please contact us at 914-864-1976 or email us at scheduling -at- geribrewster.com to arrange for pick-up or shipping.

AlphaAlpha Base Foundation Pak provides a full regimen of optimal nutritional support. Alpha Base combines vitamins minerals omega-3 oils and a broad spectrum of antioxidants.

border=0Wellness Essentials® for Men is a combination of four specialized formulas packaged together to provide essential vitamins and minerals omega-3 fatty acids antioxidants and calcium to support overall health and well being.  It also contains a unique all-natural herbal formula to support male vitality and healthy sexual function.

border=0Wellness Essentials® for Women is a combination of four specialized nutritional formulas packaged together to provide comprehensive nutritional support and convenience for women in a single dose package.  Including: 1) a multivitamin/mineral formula  2) a unique combination of vitamin E for optimal E nutrition and antioxidant activity  3) a highly concentrated purity-certified source of essential omega-3 fatty acids that directly supports cardiovascular health nervous and immune system function  4) a formula of bone growth factors calcium and protein matrix for optimal bone health and muscle function.

Supplement Packs are also available for more specific aspects of health

TriplicholTriplichol uses a synergistic approach to support cardiovascular health.


ProPro Bono is formulated for bone building and bone retention AND the essential components of a daily multi.



JointWellness EssentialsĀ® Joint Focus provides foundational support for joint health.


BloodWellness EssentialsĀ® Blood Sugar Support promotes healthy blood sugar & total body nutrition.