3 Big Diet Mistakes

April 2011

Eating very low fat meals or too little.

While eating less fat or total food may seem an obvious way to lose weight it’s not so simple. There are healthy fats which combine with protein and complex carbs at a meal or snack can help stabilize blood sugar throughout the day thereby decreasing cravings… in an effort to eat low fat one can wind up with a diet made up of mostly refined carbo’s which can make you irritable thus making it more difficult to stick to their diet.

Repleting with carbs instead of protein after a workout.

Because many people either don't eat or eat very little before a work-out they are tempted to reach for that all carb fruit smoothie right after they finish working out. Carbs stimulate insulin which suppresses the metabolic hormones created during exercise. Therefore it is better to have blood sugar sustaining complex carbs before a workout and replete with protein and mixed meals after. Have your fruit smoothie before your work out and afterward have a grilled chicken salad or tofu and vegetable stir fry. You won't create an excess of insulin and the added protein will also help in the repair of damaged muscle tissue and stimulate development of new tissue. These measures can provide a number of metabolic benefits allowing the weight loss you hope to achieve from exercising to occur over time.

ADA Eating for Recovery Fact Sheet

Rewarding a good day's effort with a large dinner within 3 hours of going to bed.

Even if total caloric intake for the day is appropriate distributing the bulk of it at the end of the day can result in raising triglycerides stimulating excess insulin production and storing fat as well as contributing to GERD and sleep apnea. If you would normally have 1 glass of fat free milk and 2 cookies before bed try cutting yourself down to just 4 oz. of milk to save 200 calories a day which translates to losing about one pound a month without much effort (all other factors stable).