Which Came First...

We seem to promote and create inflammation with high sugar and carbohydrate diets (compounded with high heated oils) that bombard the public in food ads and encourage their intake from early childhood, only to create drugs that people will be dependent on in order to reduce the inflammation and the diseases the inflammation brings.
In this case, heart disease and cancer. Can you imagine having to evacuate your home for weeks and months like so many did just recently in Texas after storm Harvey? How does it feel to know that your life depends on drugs that you won't be able to access for weeks because of your displacement? Drugs that are necessary because you spent decades partaking in lifestyle habits that bring about disease. I would love to see as many public service ads for vegetable and fruit intake and low processed/low sugar diets and healthful lifestyle habits as there are drug and fast food commercials. Certainly, some drugs are necessary but as a society we are creating disease only to create drug dependency on a preventable diseases. Prevention is the best medicine. For those who are waiting for the drug, here is one of the latest:


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